Brother Bear Totem Prop

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Why I made this:

Brother Bear is my third favorite animated Disney film (beside Lilo & Stitch and Lion King).

Bonus: My idol, Rick Moranis, voices Rutt the moose!

Step 1: Inspiration

Here is a picture of the bear totem of love that Kenaii receives.

So let's begin this Instructable on making this bear totem!

Or in other words...

Here is how I build-a-bear

Step 2: Template

First take some card stock and doodle a basic template of the totem, then cut it out.

Step 3: Trace It

Trace your template onto your craft foam. Next, cut out your bear.

Step 4: IBear Cover

Take some more card stock and hot glue it to your bear. Now trim the extra paper that sticks off of the edges. You only need to cover to front the of totem, but for extra detail you can completely cover it with card stock.

Step 5: Detailing

Sketch out the details in pencil onto your bear.

Then, take a square of foam and cover that in paper too.

Now, glue that onto your bear as the muzzle.

Finish up sketching the details.

Finally, take a brown/black sharpie and outline your details. Then take a brown colored pencil, color, and shade in your bear totem.

Step 6: Done!

Now just put it on a string and place your Bear Totem of Love around your neck!

Enjoy your adventures!



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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Thanks! And I don't recall any wolves in Brother Bear...

    Deidara Konrath

    4 years ago

    Cool on your choice I would have done the wolf


    4 years ago

    Well thanks! You should go watch Brother Bear!