Brown Dog Face Paint 2.0

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Woof-woof! Get ready to stick your tongue out and pant for this cute and playful brown dog face paint as created by the talented Ashlea Henson!


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Step 1: Compare and Contrast

Here is a side by side comparison of the brown dog face paints I've created: one from last year as created by Josje Wolters and this year's updated version inspired by Ashlea Henson. It's hard for me to decide which one I love the best, because I love both versions the same. So, I would love for you guys to leave a comment and say which version of my brown dog face paint you love the best!

Step 2: Start With Dark Brown

So, here we go! I am starting off with dark brown face paint to shape around the face for the ears, forehead, and following down my jawline.

Step 3: Fill in With Light Brown

Next, I dived into my light brown face paint, and filled in a few areas of the face.

Step 4: Pink and White

Then, I used dark pink for the cheeks and the insides of the ears. Then, I sponged on the muzzle and part of the nose with white face paint.

Step 5: Pink Tongue

Then, using a round brush and more dark pink paint, I painted on the tongue on the bottom corner of my lip.

Step 6: Black Outlines

Then, I used black for every detail and outline, especially for the nose, ears, whisker holes, and fur.

Step 7: White Details

Finally, I dressed up my look with some white dots, outlines, highlights, and details to make it look a little more realistic!

Step 8: Bow-Wow-Wow!

Now, be ready to howl with excitement over my gallery of my brown dog face paint! Again, check out the comparison of my two brown dog face paints, and leave a comment saying which one you love the best!

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