Brown Dog Face Paint

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Get ready to "let the dog's out" and go all out with this simple brown dog face paint, inspired by that of Josie Wolters from the 2008 book Just For Fun Faces.

Step 1: Video

    To get started, here's a video on how to paint the design. You can watch it here or on YouTube using this link:

    Step 2: Start With White

    Now, here's the real visual on how to paint the design. First, I started with White (Mehron Paradise) for the base on the forehead, bridge of the nose, and cheeks.

    Step 3: Eye Socket and Edge of Face

    Then, I used a transparent black and brick red from the AMC Walking Dead palette for the eye sockets and around the edge of the face, blending a little bit into the white.

    Step 4: More White, Then Black

    Then, I took some more white to make the fur effect on the forehead and cheeks. From there, I used black for the nose, whisker holes, and other dog-worthy details.

    Step 5: Final Details

    Finally, I finished off with a light brown to the bottom lip. In the video, I didn't paint the top lip black, but you will get to see that in the final images.

    Step 6: Ruff-Ruff!

    And that's all she wrote! Now, give this doggy face a try! Don't be afraid to use different colors other than what I used. You can do any kind of colored dog that you like: black, white, or even grey!



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      2 years ago

      looks allot like galantis! nice