Brownbag Popcorn




Introduction: Brownbag Popcorn

'I see my mother and people shelling out bucks on boxes of microwave popcorn and I just shake my head at them. I mean, your paying up to five bucks for a box of 3 to 9 bags of popcorn that you either burn or don't pop correctly which are greasy messes.

Step 1: Raw Step

1: You buy a pack of brown lunch bags from a dollar store.
2: You buy a scoop of loose kernels from the bulk section of your grocery store. Cheaper then loose 'branded' kernels by far and if your stores great, you can find other kinds of kernels too.

Step 2: Construction

1. Take a paper bag, open the bag, and pour in your serving of loose kernels.
*If you want your kernals flavoured, smeer butter on the inside of one of the flaps and put this side up when you microwave. Or wait till later for the lazy man step to flavour.
2. Fluff out the bag and fold over the flaps like the standard brown bag lunch at least three times, small folds are better.

Step 3: Nuke It

1. Place the bag in the microwave.
  • if you buttered the side of the bag, put that side top up, you can try on the bottom but the bag tends to burn.
  • and shake the bag before opening.
2. You only need about 4 minutes in the microwave on high. Stop the microwave if you don't hear more than a pop a second.

The Popcorn comes out -very- crisp and crunchy.
To flavour, there's always the flavour shakers. And now there's those butter sprays you probably have in your cupboard.
The lazy sods flavour step is one of those salad flavour spritzers.

Its perfect of taking to the office for a snack. A handful of kernels in a folded over brownbaggie in your purse or your backpack, and two minutes in a microwave. And if you don't butter the bag, you can reuse the bag if your cheapie.



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    58 Discussions

    how long would it take to pop 20 corn kernels

    Thank you so much for posting this! I used the instructions and they worked perfectly for me. I made it with butter and salt this time, but next time....

    I will never buy the boxed version of microwave popcorn again!

    Scratch that, thought i was somewhere else. Stupid internet...

    I reuse my bag about 5 times before getting rid of it. Unless i get my butterfingers on it.

    I melt butter in a bowl after, and pour in popped kernels, stir, excellent.

    I make this all the time. For flavor I put in a smidge of garlic powder and some olive oil. Deeelicious. Best popcorn ever.

    Does the age of the kernel have a great effect on the popped/unpopped ratio? It looks like about half of my kernels didn't pop, but the rest of the popcorn is on the verge of burning...

    2 replies

    Popcorn must retain its moisture to pop correctly. It is the water inside the kernel that expands under heat and explodes. Keep your popcorn in a sealed container in the refrigerator to keep it moist. If it dries out, sprinkle water in the container, shake well to distribute evenly, and let it set a few days sealed to absorb the moisture.

    ya i have a 1200 watt microwave on high and like 2 minutes in and it burnt it,so either you need to see if you have it on high or not or you need to up time

     This was almost lifechanging..I read this Instructable about two years ago when I was  going through three bags of Safeway Organics Microwave Popcorn a week at a cost of $5 a pop. I was skeptical but it has never failed me, I've never seen sparks, and I've taught it to tons of other friends. Not only can I make popcorn for PENNIES, I buy organic popcorn from the bulk bins at Whole Foods so I it's more sustainable, I can recycle the brown paper bags, there's no nasty chemicals and most importantly....IT TASTES BETTER. I found I don't need the oil. Here's my trick to making it really tasty- I pour it out on a sheet pan and spray it lightly with olive oil and then salt it and add dried or fresh herbs and toss it. Sometimes I sprinkle truffle oil on it too. My friends LOVE my popcorn and rave about it.

    Great idea! Made my first bag tonight. No more store bought microwave popcorn for me.

    I prefer to add the butter afterwards (with some spice) -- melt the butter and put in several shakes of tabasco. That way you get even distribution of the hot sauce. In all the movie theatres where I'm from, they have a big bottle of tabasco right by the salt. If you like spicy food, it's worth a try!

    1 reply

    You rock! The worst part about microwave popcorn is the gross butter! Study snack--here we come!

    6 replies

    BLASPHEMY!!! gross and butter should not be mentioned in the same sentance...unless you're saying "hey...i bought a gross of butter sticks....wanna come have a snack?"

    How about "gross FAKE butter"? Most of the flavouring in microwave popcorn didn't come out of a cow.

    Real butter = mmmmmmmm....