Brownie Mix Gift Jar With Ornament




Introduction: Brownie Mix Gift Jar With Ornament

The brownie mix jar is an old concept but I put a new spin on it and figured why not share my idea. With the gift jar and ornament you are giving two gifts in one package and it makes for and adorable gift that doesn't need wrapped.

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Step 1: Getting Started

To start you will need: Quart Jar- To hold recipe of your choice. Various craft supplies- Glue gun, glitter, felt, and whatever makes you happy. Raw food material- Flour, cocoa, baking powder, etc. Whatever the recipe calls for. Don't forget a cute recipe card, whether you make your own or buy one, it is important. If you have a small fan it can be used to drastically cut down drying time of paint and glitter glue

Step 2: Down to Decorate

I started by putting snowflakes on the jars with glitter glue to give the them more of a Christmas look. The glue takes forever to dry so I did one side at a time (so it wouldn't run into a blob) and then put them under a small fan to dry

Step 3: Ornaments

I made the ornaments for the jars out of felt and random other small items. The ornaments I made are pretty simple and easy to create, I started with a basic paper cutout. After the shape was cut out I decided what I wanted to use to decorate the pieces and got a good placement for the details. Once you have a layout you like either glue or sew the pieces in place. To finish the ornaments they need a way to hang. I used a piece of floral wire and glued in place with a felt backing.

Step 4: The Good Stuff

While everything is drying you can fill the jars with the recipe. Once they're filled, place the lid tightly on top and glue all the decorative pieces in place to hold the ornament. I used shank back buttons(so the ornaments would hang better) and glued them in place

Step 5: Extra TidBits

I just wanted to give extra tips for the bow and holly leaves I added to two of the jars. The third jar has Rudolph and was made using the same steps as the ornaments. For the holly start with a green rectangle. Fold the rectangle in half and draw a cut line with a light colored pencil. Once they are cut add highlights with a light colored paint. The leaves can be made bendable by adding floral wire the length of the leaf and gluing in place with a piece of felt

Step 6: Extra Tidbits- Bow

The bow is really easy to make but takes a few steps. Start with a piece of ribbon long enough to fold in on itself and stiff have the length you want. Next, Fold another piece of ribbon length ways over the first and glue down edges again. Cut a longer strip of ribbon in half length ways to put through each side. Cut notches into thick pieces of ribbon and glue button in center

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    That's a cute way to present brownie mix jars. Thanks for sharing.