Brownie Stuffed Cookies




Introduction: Brownie Stuffed Cookies

My mother made this recipie a few months ago and my family has fallen in love with it ever since. 

I love the way that this cookie takes the best of both the brownie and cookie and makes it into an entirely new thing. First you get the light crisp from the edge of the cookie, then you bite into the dense chocolatey mound that is the brownie.

So if you're ready, lets get started.

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Step 1: Materials

The only two things you will need are a batch of brownies and two or three batches of cookies.

For times sake I usually used boxed brownie and cookie mixes, but feel free to do whatever you feel comfortable with.

Step 2: Bake the Brownies

First, break out your 9 by 13 pan and follow your brownie recipe

After the brownies finish baking, it is veryimportant that you let them cool completly so that they are easy to cut into small pieces.

I have found that about 1 inch square is the optimal size, but thats just me, feel free to experiment

Step 3: Adding the Cookie Batter

First, follow whatever cookie recipie you are using and mix up two or three batches. depending on how small or large you like your brownies you may need to make more or less batter.

There is no special trick to this step. Just take one brownie and cover it with as little cookie batter as you can. then, just drop it on an ungreased cookie sheet and bake at whatever tempreture the cookie recipie you are using says for about 20 minutes or untill golden brown.

Step 4: Finished

What I love about this recipie is that there are so many ways to make it your own between all of the different combonations of cookie and brownie recipies.

Now it is time to eat your cookies. Enjoy

Also, this is my first instructable so if i did anything wrong please tell me. Any criticism is welcome

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    This is a great recipe. I made it for my mom's birthday and we all loved it.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    These are sooooo good!!! I have made them twice now and everyone loves them!