Bruises and Burns- Beginning



Set up by gathering many materials, most important materials being:
a Bruise wheel
a way to apply the make-up (A make-up sponge)
Translucent powder

Step 1: Make-up Applicance

Begin by applying yellow or green make-up to make the bruise more realistic, and to add a base. Don't forget to apply translucent powder between layers in order to make it more realistic, less "shiny".

Step 2: Turning Point

This is the part in which the artist can choose between making the make-up into a bruise, or a burn. The artist chooses, AFTER applying a decent coat of purple make-up to the bruise/burn. Then the artist will be switching to either more yellow and green, which would allow it to turn into a bruise, or if the artist wants a burn, they may apply a heavy amount of red make-up.

Step 3: Removal

Now, in order to remove the make-up, it requires a little bit of force. The artist should have some material such as Orange Goop handy, which will allow for a easier removal of make-up. The artist should rub the arm, or spot of design with great force as they apply the soapy material which will remove the make-up.



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