Brunchwich Redneck Style



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Why a brunchwich? I don't eat right after I wake up but a couple hours later I'm ready for some food. This sandwich is an adaptation of a western omelet, I was thinking  "how can I make this redneck?" and when I grabbed the onions and peppers from the freezer I saw the bag of hashbrowns, redneck is about simplifying a process so...

Step 1: Ingredients

I pulled out a package of chopped ham , a medium egg and some cheese from the refrigerator, from the freezer I grabbed some diced onion, bell peppers and frozen hashbrowns, I also pulled out a hardroll

Step 2: Cooking

I started with the frozen onions, bell peppers and hashbrowns in a small skillet over high heat to thaw and burn off most of the moisture, then I turned the heat down, added a little olive oil and the diced ham, while I waited for the ham and potatoes to get a nice color I cracked the egg in a cup, added a splash of water, a splash of milk and a splash of hot sauce then and beat the egg mix to a froth, I also cut a couple slices of cheese. Adding the cheese to the skillet to allow it to melt a little bit I then added the egg and scrambled it all together

Step 3: Build It

While cooking the egg I sliced the roll and cleaned out some of the inside giving me a pocket and popped the roll in the toaster oven for a minute and then scooped the egg mix into the roll. I could have overstuffed the roll but decided to leave a little on the side



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