Brunel Hand 2.0

About: Open Bionics is an open source robotics company 3D printing low-cost robotic hands for amputees. Join our developer forum! Talk to us on Twitter or FB. @openbionics

The Brunel Hand 2.0 is an advanced, lightweight and precise robotic hand for researchers. With a low cost and open source design, this fully articulated device is primed to revolutionise the future of robotics research.

All over the world, university researchers and roboticists are using the Brunel Hand 2.0. It has nine degrees of freedom, four degrees of articulation, and can be programmed using the Arduino programming environment. The Brunel Hand 2.0 is compatible with robot arms and perfect for anyone doing a project with robotic hands or wants a neat, light, and functional robotic hand for use with a humanoid robot. It's an excellent platform for research into prosthetics, object grasping and many human-robot-interaction applications. 3D Printed Components: All of the components required for a right hand start with 'RH' and the components for a left hand start with 'LH'. Assembly instructions are available in 'Thing Files' on Thingyverse



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