Brush Up on Your Italian Skills: Tricolori Shrimp Ravioli

Introduction: Brush Up on Your Italian Skills: Tricolori Shrimp Ravioli

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Ravioli di gambero  Tricolori is something Ive never seen. Tricolori I have seen a lot of, it is a representation of the Italian flag, Green,Red, White (not that order). You can touch up on your authentic Italian cooking skills and prepare an Italian dinner at the same time, you can make these ahead of time, for the day/night or freeze them. 

Step 1:

There are two sets of ingredients and phases.

Part 1: Pasta

3 cups of flour
1/2 cup of water
2 eggs
food coloring
Spices you might add to the pasta dough ( I forgot to )
Ravioli stamp or cookie cutter

Part 2:

Italian sausage/shrimp/chicken/beef/human...just kidding
Olive oil
one egg
ricotta cheese or mozzarella, ricotta makes me nautious thinking of it so Ill pass

Step 2:

Make a mountain of a flour, then make a volcano and put the eggs in the center, one at a time or the eggs will run all over.

Mix the eggs with the flour using hands. Most italian homes dont have enjoy how the flour feels between your fingers and this is where the love goes into it.

Finally you will have a ball of dough...

Step 3:

Add a couple drops of the food coloring, dont over do it green and red food coloring equals brown blah.

roll it out, if you dont have a rolling pin use a can or something.

Step 4:

Cut the hearts out , or whatever shape. 

With the extra dough roll out some new dough and cut more pieces. 

Make the crab mixture, everything in that recipe is a guesstimation depending on how much you need  and how full you make them, you dont wanna waste and you dont wanna run out I wasted A LOT.

Use a small spoon to spoon a small amount in the middle and make em stick together by water around the edges and  pushing down on both sides with a fork..this is a good seal and its pretty.

Step 5:

When your ready to eat, boil for 5 min if fresh, 8 min if frozen.


-Wonton wrappers= dough
-be sure the edges are sealed completely or when boiled the filling will boil outt 
-try flavor variations, desert, different meats, vegetables, sauces
- sauce is important 
-the pasta dough dries out and gets tough very fast, a way to avoid that is to cover the dough with a wet paper towel
-no rolling pin, use a can and muscles
- use the leftover pieces of pasta dont waste them
-salt the boiling water
THEYRE NOT CALLED RAVIOLIS. RAVIOLI is plural  in its form. I cringe when I hear RAVIOLIS
- if youre doing spinich ravioli, drain all water from spinich, it will  make the dough too sticky if wet .

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