BtS - Ouroboros Submarine Team 18

Introduction: BtS - Ouroboros Submarine Team 18

This instructable features a submarine with a specific design for a competition involving magnets. If you are merely here to build a recreational submarine, perhaps navigate to a more suitable instructable.

Okay then, let's get started.

Step 1: Step 1: Gather Necessary Materials

Tools and other materials

  • (1) PVC cutters
  • (1) Wire Stripper for larger wires (10-20)
  • (1) Wire Stripper for smaller wires (20-32)
  • (1) Roll of Black Electrical Tape
  • (24”) Lead-Free Solder
  • (1) Soldering Iron
  • (2) Disposable Gloves

General materials

  • (3) Motors
  • (3) 3 position electrical switches
  • (10) Zip ties
  • (40’) Cat 5 Ethernet cable
  • (3) 12” Lengths of extra cable (to attach the switches to the main wire)
  • (1) Magnet
  • (3) Empty white plastic 35mm film canisters.
  • (1) Toilet wax ring (for waterproofing)

PVC materials

  • (1) 10’ PVC pipe
  • (6) 90 degree Elbows
  • (2) 3-way PVC elbows
  • (5) PVC Tee connectors
  • (2) PVC caps

Step 2: Step 2: Enact the Cut List

Cut list (in order of length) from the 10’ PVC pipe. Label parts as you cut them for easy assembly.

  • (2) 0.5” PVC Pipe A
  • (4) 2.5” PVC Pipe B
  • (4) 3.5” PVC Pipe C
  • (1) 7” PVC Pipe D
  • (2) 7.25” PVC Pipe E
  • (2) 8.75” PVC Pipe F
  • (2) 9.25” PVC Pipe G
  • (1) 14” PVC Pipe H

Step 3: Step 3: Assemble Frame

1) Take a 3-way elbow and attach a Pipe A to it. Do the same for the other 3-way elbow.

2) Attach a Pipe C to an open end of the 3-way elbow. Do the same for the other 3-way elbow.

3) Then, attach tee connectors facing towards each other on the end of the Pipe As. The tees should be horizontal and facing like this if you hold the two sides next to each other and look down from the top: l- -l

4) Add a ?? pipe to the tee connector opposite the A pipe. Do this on the other side as well.

5) Now, take an 90 degree elbow and attach it to the end of a Pipe ??. Put this elbow facing downwards. Connect an elbow on the other side as well.

6) Then, take a Pipe E and attach it to the bottom of the elbow and do the same for the other side.

7) Next, attach an elbow facing forwards (towards the three-way elbow) to both Pipe Es.

8) Attach another Pipe E to the end of the new elbow. Do this for both sides.

9) Put an elbow facing up (towards the 3-way elbow) on the Pipe Es.

10) Insert a Pipe C into both 90 degree elbows.

11) Attach a tee connector with the turn facing towards if you look at it from the front (the front being where the 3-way elbows will be attached like so: l- -l).

12) Attach the tee connectors to the 3-way elbows using another Pipe C. Do this on both frames.

13) On the final side of the tee connectors you were just handling, add a Pipe B and insert a tee between them parallel to the ground with its opening away from the 3-way elbows.

14) On the top, connect the 3-way elbows using the Pipe D and the tee connectors using Pipe Bs.

15) Insert the final tee facing downwards between the tee connectors on top and add socket cap.

16) Attach Pipe H to the final tee and add a socket cap on the end.

17) Attach the magnet using tape.

Step 4: Step 4: Construct Motors

Step 1: Take first piece of the motor add the circular stickers over each side of the engine

Step 2: Add the stickers all around the engine

Step 3: Take the wire cutters strip both ends of your wires an inch or two.

Step 4: Take the ends of your wires put them through the metal holes and fold them

Step 5: Take soldering tool and metal and solder the wires to the metal

Step 6: Add wax on the bottom of the film canisters

Step 7: String the wire through the lid of the film canister

Step 8: Slide the engine into the film canister.

Step 9: Put wax on any exposed wires and put the lid back on the canister.

Step 10: Clean away any excess wax

Step 11: Strip an centimeter or so off the red and black wires

Step 12: Connect the wires to a power supply to make sure the motors work

Step 13: Sand the metal rod

Step 14: Superglue the propellers to the metal rod

Step 15: Thumbs up!

Step 5: Step 5: Motor and Body Assembling

Step 1: Take a motor and place it on the middle of the leg on the frame directly parallel to the body in the interior.

Step 2 : Leave the motor sticking out a half an inch to give room to move. This is very crucial to the design.

Step 3 : After you made sure that the motor meets the requirement for steps 1, and 2, take a zip tie and tie it in a across the motor to the middle of the leg. Make it as tight as possible.

Step 4 : Take another zip tie and tie the motor down once more to fully secure it.

Step 5 : Cut small 1 inch foam strips to stuff in the remaining spaces between the motor and the body. This makes a better fit for the motor.

Step 6: Repeat steps 1 -5 on the other leg.

Step 7 : For the last (3rd motor) and place it on the PVC cap on the interior of the frame that is facing down.

Step 8 : Have someone hold it as you fasten the motor on the socket cap with a zip tie. Its very important

Step - Once the 2 legs are the frame, wrap electrical tape over the zip ties on each leg giving it a more secure finish.

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