Bubba Beer Keg Sub-Woofer


Introduction: Bubba Beer Keg Sub-Woofer

This is a cheap and easy way to make a very unique Sub-Woofer or Speaker that will blow you away and make your friends green with envy!!!

Step 1: Preparing the Keg for Speaker.

You need to find an old speaker that still works and remove it from its enclosure-preferably a good brand name but any speaker will work. Just make sure it can handle the power your amplifier puts out. Then you cut hole in top of can and on side of can for the speaker and speaker wire terminal block(see drawing)

Step 2: Prepare Speaker for Installation

In this step you will hook up the speaker wires from speaker to terminal block, add insulation to bottom of can to dampen sound and glue speaker to top of can.

Step 3: Start Listening

Now you hook up your "Bubba Sub" to your amplifier or stereo and start listening to your tunes.



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    6 Discussions

    looks cute, but how is the sound working out for you? i would imagine you are running into a problem with vibrations in the canister with no horn. A horn will improve the sound quality produced by your driver and give some phase control.

    not bubba beer kegs... they are only 5 litres, 1.32 us gallons.
    they were only about $16 i believe

    Why not try "1919 Root Beer" or "Virgil's Root Beer" ?

    For larger speakers and a deeper bass response you could go on Ebay and buy a 10 (9.5) gallon screw top plastic barrel or even a plastic 55 gallon barrel for the ultimate pickup back REDNECK gheto blaster.

    How big are these and how much do they weigh? I've been really wanting to put a sub in my car, but I don't have much room and I don't want the weight to suck my gas mileage.

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    Just thought I'd mention something that small probably wont do much unless you actually put it in your car instead of in the boot.