Bubble & Squeak Using Brussels Sprouts!



Introduction: Bubble & Squeak Using Brussels Sprouts!

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This classic English recipe was created by chefs using leftovers after Sunday Roast Dinner. We've adapted it slight to incorporate the often maligned Brussels Sprout.

Normally using Cabbage and Potato (roasted or boiled), our recipe instead uses this seasonal ingredient so you can make this up on a Christmas Day evening or for Boxing Day lunch.

It really is a fantastic recipe and even if you're not keen on your sprouts, we think you'll love this one.

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Step 1: Video Recipe

Watch the full video recipe here or keep reading for the step by step guide!

Step 2: Ingredients:

Leftover Brussels Sprouts
Leftover Potatoes (Roasted or boiled)
Vegetable oil (butter optional)

Salt & Pepper
Small amount of flour for binding

Small heavy-based pan for Hob.

Step 3: Preparation:

Chop up you vegetables into small pieces, they don't need to be finely chopped, a rustic look is ideal.

Season the vegetables to your liking and sprinkle in some plain flour

Place in a larger bowl and mix well, you can be as rough as you like during this process.

Step 4: Cooking:

Heat a pan, add a large glug of oil (and 100g og butter if required)

Add ingredients to hot oil and lightly mash down with a kitchen spatula or potato masher

Leave on the heat and then when caramelised underneath, scoop the mixture up so the browned parts are at the top allowing the unbrowned mixture to reach the bottom of the pan.

Keep doing this every 3 to 4 minutes for about 15 minutes

Once the entire mixture has a thoroughly cooked texture take off heat and transfer to a plate.

Step 5: Serving

You can serve the Bubble & Squeak whole, in it's cake-like shape or cut into slices.

Give a final season to taste

If you do eat eggs a poached egg is a great idea to serve, otherwise try it with a dash of your favourite sauce.

Enjoy and thanks for viewing!

Step 6: Video & YT Channel

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Thanks again!

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