Bubble Wrap Insulation for Windows - How to Guide




Believe it or not, you can easily insulate all windows in your home using bubble wrap. Bubble wrap insulation is cheap and abundant, it is massively used for packing and now is time to use it to make your home cozy and warm. It does magic on single glazed windows, you can stop the heat loss in less than 5 minutes with this simple technique.

Bubble wrap insulation can be applied on windows by using small spray water bottle and a pair of scissors.

After 5 minutes, you are ready to enjoy warmth of your home with this simple and cheap hack!

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Step 1: Does Bubble Wrap on Windows Work

Simply cut the bubble wrap to fit the window frame, spray the glass and then gently press bubble wrap onto window surface. Please note that bubbly side has to go towards glass.

When heating season is over, you can remove it by peeling it off and save the bubble wrap sheet for the next year. It does not leave any stains as there is no duct tape leftover.

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    3 years ago

    This is awesome! I will put bubble wrap on windows this weekend for sure!