Introduction: Buck-o-Lantern

i recently won a Dremel in a contest so to show my appreciation I decided to put it to good use with this new twist on an old classic
::please note this project uses a Dremel tool use caution when using any power tool i am not holding any responsibility for any injury to any person place or thing::

also in entering this in the Halloween decoration contest give it a vote if you like

Step 1: Supplies

For this project you will need
a 5 gallon bucket
a marker
spray paint
some sort of light (like tea lights glow sticks or a touch light)
eye protection
and of course a dremel

Step 2: Bucket Prep

you may ask your self "itsatrav why did you decide to use a blue bucket and not just get a pumpkin colored orange bucket?"

will fiends I work for a store that sells blue buckets and our competition sells orange buckets not wanting to support them i got blue

i suppose if you would like you could skip this stage and get an orange bucket and skip to the next step i won't judge you

but if you're pumpkin eherm bucket isn't orange just follow this step

you will want to be outside and hold the can about 6 inches away from the bucket and give it a good even layer of orange paint (or what ever color you want it if you want a people pumpkin by darn it you can have a purple pumpkin)
after you put on an adequate later of paint let it dry for a few hours till its not tacky to the touch

Step 3: Giving It a Face

now it's time to plan out how you want it to look i found this template on google

keep in mind your going to be cutting this out with a dremel pick one out within your skill level this being my first project with a Dremel i picked one with allot of straight lines just do what you feel comfortable with

Step 4: Cutting Out the Face

time to do the cutting we are going to be using the disk cutter make sure you follow the instructions for your tool to attach the cuter correctly

i can not stress say at this stage enough make sure your wearing eye protection the disk is spinning very fast and they can break sending pieces insanely fast everywhere

but just take your time one piece at a time

with it spinning so fast it some times melts some of the plastic leaving goop on the edges you can just snap it off or sand it off just to make it look nice

Step 5: There You Have It

now you're ready to have the most awesome Halloween decorations without breaking the bank the second picture is with a small glow stick i didn't really care for it a bigger one might work better
the third puffy is with the tap light that worked the best out of anything i used just test different things and see what works best for you
the fourth itchy was just for fun trying to scare my cat he was unimpressed i thought it was funny thou

well there you have it i hope you enjoyed it have a happy and safe Halloween

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