Bucket Head Robot

Introduction: Bucket Head Robot

This is project for the course Robotic Fabrication: Introduction to Computational Design and Digital Fabrication, a work by Jure Kozmus and Nima Zahiri for ICD Seminar Summer 2018, Prof. A. Menges, and tutors M. Alvarez, O. Bucklin, T. Schwinn, and M. Yablonina. The aim of the project is to create an useless machine using basic Arduino circuits

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Step 1: The Process

The BFR Robot consists of four separated process: Driving Motor, Distance Sensor, LCD Display, and IR Controller

Step 2: Components

The basic component of this machine are Solderless Breadboard, Male / Female jumper wires, IR Receiver, Sonic Sensor, L298N Dual H-Bridge Motor Controller, and of course an Arduino board.

Step 3: Assembling

Here you can see the gut of our Robot. We used cardboard as a case for the robot.

Step 4: Circuit

Here is just a schematic outline of the circuit and connections. You can see all the components that we previously illustrated.

Step 5: How It Works

It is a fast and precise robot! Using a Sonic sensor, enables the robot to detect the edge of a table, by which, prevent the robot to move anymore and stop it. A text pops on the screen that "It is too high ..." and then the robot comes back and stays calm!

We though that this system might not be that much useless. We can use this kinds of robot in an office to put something on the bucket head and pass it to someone else. It is very safe ;)

Step 6: Code

In the appendix you find the Arduino code

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