Bucket Igloo




Introduction: Bucket Igloo

i love to try and build new things

use a bucket to build an igloo

Step 1: Build It!!!

great way to spend the day just fill the buckets and layer each level build move the bucket in by 2 inches each row stager the joints the ceiling is just a continuation of following these steps
not sure how to better descibe this this was done in north carolina snow fort did not last long but a blast to build with the kids
and i could retake photos cause the snow left so fast !!!

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    sorry for the lack of info i didnt have many pictures of building it.

    I totally understand. Too often, I get carried away and forget to take more pics. And altogether, great job on the igloo. I made one using a similar method but when I was about to finish, it toppled over because I didn't pack more snow into any cracks.

    Great idea. More economical than buying the ready-made snow brick moulds. But how'd you make snow fort's ceiling?

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    just keep stacking and the roof kinda falls in place each layer the top gets smaller final layer will fill the hole

    Cool idea!