Bucket Mouse Trap (kill or No Kill)




Catching mice is easy with a bucket mouse trap. Mice walk up the ramps, jump to the peanut butter which is applied to a round container and spins when the mice land on them. When you wake in the morning you'll either have drowned mice or, if you choose to not kill them, a bucket full of mice.

Happy Hunting!

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Step 1: Parts and Tools


5 gallon bucket

2" PVC coupler

2 X 2" PVC end caps

Wire hanger

You'll need something to use as ramps. We found some cardboard and foam board lying around the house. You can use yard sticks, small pieces of wood, or anything the mice can use to get to the edge of the bucket.



Small drill bit (the size of the wire hanger)


Step 2: Wire Hanger

The wire hanger should be wider than the bucket. Cut the long and straight part of the wire hanger using pliers.

Step 3: Prepping the Bucket

Drill two small holes near the top of the bucket to thread the hanger.

Step 4: Preparing the Roller

Assemble the roller by inserting the end caps into the coupler. Drill a small hole into the center of both couplers.

Step 5: Threading the Wire

Thread the wire hanger that you cut through the holes in the bucket and the holes in the PVC end caps. Using pliers turn up about an inch at either end of the wire to keep the wire from sliding out of the bucket.

Step 6: The Bait

Spread peanut butter evenly around the cylinder.

Step 7: Finished

All you have left to do is lean a couple of ramps against the edge of the bucket. You can use anything as a ramp from yard sticks to cardboard (as shown in picture).

Step 8: Kill or No Kill

Kill: Fill the bucket with 4" of water

No Kill: Plan on taking your bucket outside to free the mice that loved the peanut butter spread all over your new mouse trap.

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    5 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Ive personally made one similar and these work great! A tin can with both ends can work in a pinch. For those of you concerned with drowning mice? Simple, dont add water. For those of us with a fear of disease, dangerous destruction of home, food and possessions, including thousands of dollars worth of possible damage to your home and car, add water. Rats are large and tricky and from my experience can reach from the edge of the bucket to the can without ever leaving the edge. In my experience, this works best with small field mice and the like.

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    Agreed,i like it,works if you people are afraid to kill a pest that deficates on your kitchen counter, add some booze to it that's alright, the thing will die happy, no more poop.


    3 years ago

    Dude come on, DROWNING mice? You should seriously consider changing that choice into a "Don't put water in the buckets because drowning mice is inhumane."

    I like the options available on this project, also the price point, and clever design. Thanks for sharing!