Bucket Seat Swivel Chair

Introduction: Bucket Seat Swivel Chair

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I made this seat back in 1999, so can only take photos of the complete thing, no progress photos I'm afraid!

It was pretty simple to make, but you can now buy these pre done, or you can buy brackets directly from the manufacturer which makes life really easy and gives you seat controls!

This was/is one of the most comfortable chairs I have ever had. It kept me going through university, but has now been banished to the storage area!

(Along the same car furniture theme: see my V8 Engine Table Instructable!)

Date Made: June 1999
Approx Cose: £5
Approx Time: 1 hour
Difficulty: Easy

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Step 1: Get Seat

I got mine for £5 from a mate who crashed his mini. He had 2 bucket seats in there, this was the one he was sat in, the other ended folded in 2!?!

I kept the sliding assembley as I thought it would be cool to use, but in reality once I had set it I had to keep it in the same place as it became unbalanced otherwise.

I guess this could be done with any after market bucket seat, or any car seat.

If you are looking for a seat try to get one that isnt a pair, they are less desireable and hence cheaper!

Also, look for the passenger seat as they generally have less wear.

Step 2: Get Base

At the time my dad had a skip in the driveway which was full of old stuff cleared out from his office. One item was a swivel chair, not one on wheels, but it would do me, so I dismantled the base and threw the top part back in the skip!

Step 3: Mount Seat on Base

like I said, I kept the sliding mechanism from the bucket chair, so that gave me something to fix to.

I took a piece of timber, cut it to the size of the frame and bolted it to the seat frame on all 4 corners.

Then I positioned the seat on the base and screwed the base to the timber.

Simple! Just remember to make sure the chair is well balanced before you screw the base on!

Step 4: Job Done

Relax in comfort in your new chair!

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