Bucket of Beans




My wife and I are trying to create a “green lifestyle” for ourselves. This will include many things, but to start with it is all about food. Striving to have a more green diet, we have started growing more of our food. One of the areas we are exploring is bucket gardening. We grew pole beans last season that we loved so I thought why not in a bucket.

The idea of a self watering bucket is not mine. Here are some links that will help you build your own system.

low cost self watering system

build a global bucket

You can see I added scew eyes around the rim of the bucket, there are 8. I added some PVC to make a mast and used old binder twine for the beans to climb. I am sure there are endless ways to do this. If you build a bucket of beans let us see your results!

I will be posting updates on our blog, Changing Green .

We harvest our beans when they are still young and eat pod and all. They are great on salads.

Keep on growing!



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Are these chick peas? Are they from a bag of dried chick peas?