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The beach is a great place to vacation, but did you ever think that you would be eating the beach as a snack?  Probably not, but with this bucket of sand treat, you can eat the sand and all the fish that washed up ashore!  It may sound disgusting when you think about it, but when you taste it, you will realize this is not real sand, and it is actually a delicious treat!

So my aunt decided to make this as a dessert for our luau themed dinner on vacation last week.  She served it in a beach bucket for added effect on the beach theme!  It is a delicious snack, and I hope you enjoy making it!

You will need....

- A clean beach bucket
- Swedish Fish or other fish candy
- Vanilla Wafers
- A gallon sized zip-loc bag
- Vanilla Yogurt
- Bowls and spoons to serve it (we used shovels to serve it!)

Put about 30 vanilla wafers in the bag and crush them until they are crumbs.  Pour vanilla yogurt into the bucket until it is 3/4 full.  Pour the crumbs on top.  Place about 20-25 fish candies on top of the crumbs.  Mix together the contents of the bucket until it looks like a bucket of sand with a fish here and there.

You should make this because...

- It is great for beach parties.
- It is quick and cheap to make.
- It is delicious!

I hope you enjoy making your Bucket of Sand Treat!



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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you so much! Check out some of my other snacks, they are simple to make and delicious to devour! Thanks again!