Buckwheat Pillows




A while ago I red some article about the buckwheat pillows for chairs. Healthy effects for those who are sitting too much (office and so). As I harvest some buckwheat this year at my countryside. So my idea about Christmas gifts was born.

Step 1: Fabric

Bought some fabric for:

Inner pillowcase (white 100% cotton).

Some fancy fabric for outer pillowcase - upper side and black one lower side.

Keeping in mind dimensions 400mm x 400mm per each pillow.

Step 2: Sewing

Two (inner outer) pillowcases necessary to be safe no buckwheat leaks happens.

For outer pillowcase I truck a zipper to bee able take it off and wash it.

Step 3: Buckwheat

Before pour it in the pillowcase better dry it. Easy way just pour it on the paper somewhere dry place at home and keep it for some day or two.

Pour it in the inner pillowcases and stitch it.

Step 4: Final

Put your inner pillow in the outer one and Here You Go :)


Love it...

Kept one for my self...



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