Buddha and 7 Chakras

Introduction: Buddha and 7 Chakras

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Buddha and 7 Chakra :

Hello Friends.

This a wall hanging done on 20x16 inch canvas board. Showing the Energy charka of Buddha.

The colour of Chakra represents the colour of Rainbow. So Decide to make this painting and quilling combination for Rainbow Contest.

So, lets go through my art journey...

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Step 1: What We Need ?

What We Need???

  1. One canvas board 16x20 inch
  2. Acrylic colours
  3. paint brush
  4. one easel
  5. drawing pencil
  6. quilling tools (quilling slotted tool, tweezers, scissors
  7. 3 mm Paper Strips

Now I start colouring as shown in the picture for background.

Step 2: Drawing and Colouring Buddha

Once the background done, now start drawing the outline for Buddha.

and colour it with black...

Now, the painting part is over for the time being, we again paint lotus at later stage..

Step 3: Making Quilling Petals and Lotus

Now I made quilling petals using loose coil...

Loose coil:
Insert one end of your paper strip into the slot on the end of the tool. This will hold the strip in place. Now start rolling the paper. Use Circle Size board for exact size of loose roll. Glue at the end of the coil so that it won't unroll again.

Petal shape:

Make a slightly lose roll & pinch the both end to form petal shape. Many dark and light yellow coloured petal shape to make flowers. Kindly refer the picture for reference.

Step 4: Quilling Mandala - the Chakra

Now start make mandala that is the chakra. I made more than 150 petals to complete the chakra...

Step 5: Draw the Lotus and Colout It

Now, I draw the main lotus where Buddha sitting for meditation, and prefer colour as gorgeous blue lotus..

Step 6: Stick Quilling Lotus and Leaves

Now start to stick the quilled lotus with glue..

Step 7: The Final Look

when all completed, the final look is like this.

Hope you like my work, please vote for my entry for Rainbow Contest.

Thanks and Regards

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