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This is my take on the altoids survival kit. I'm going to Yellow stone this year and I wanted to make a survival tin just in case of the worst. First off i'm still working on it and i will probably add a better knife later but its a budget kit so I went with what I had .This is my first instructables so try to be nice in the comments and post a comment telling me how I could make the kit better,I always want to improve on my kit. .PLEASE VOTE outdoor survival contest

Step 1: Gather the Materials

Most all the materials you probably have around the house, but the altoids tin which you need buy .

1 Atoids tin

3 Mini zip ties

2 Cotton balls

1 Button compas

1 Set of twezers

1 Alcohol prep pad

1 Credit card tool

1 Set of ear plugs

1 Band aid

20 ft of fishing line

1 Razor blade

4 Quarters

14 Waterproof matches

1 Mini pencil

4 Safety pins

1 Multitool

2 Sewing needles

1 Mini magnifying glass

1 Piece of note book paper

3 Fishing hooks

3 Sinkers

1 Match striker

1 Coffee filter

1 ft of aluminum foil

Electric tape

7 ft Snare wire

Step 2: Tools

Thee tool include a compass,credit card tool,zipties,multitool,aluminum foil and info card

Step 3: Fire

The "Fire" catagory includes matches,magnifying glass,cotton balls and match striker

Step 4: Health and Comfort

The health and comfort catagory includes paper,alcohol prep pad,pencil,safety pins,sewing needles and ear plugs

Step 5: Fishing/hunting

The hunting and fishing catagory includes fishing line,hooks,weights and snare wire

Step 6: Finished

You have finished the budget altoids survival kit! I recomend wraping the outside withe electric tape to make is water proof..If you like my instructables please vote fav and follow. god bless..



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    Blood group won't help you a lot,because it's not ''original'' proof of your blood group....and doctors/ambulance won't trust to piece of paper....

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    I don't think they'll let you die because they don't like the form of your Blood Type.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I might have laminated that emergency contact card just to keep it from getting destroyed by water, but other than that, this looks really good.


    4 years ago

    I get the ear plugs


    4 years ago

    It's also a edc I thought they could be useful and they would fit...


    4 years ago

    Maybe a zip lock bag for water. Why do you have earplugs?! Your knives and tools are good enough