Budget Flash (strobe) Diffuser


Introduction: Budget Flash (strobe) Diffuser

Zero cost lighting diffuser for flash gun (portable strobe light) made from a foam plastic drinking cup (an expanded polystyrene / styrofoam beaker).

- Simple to make

- Readily obtainable

- Only scissors needed

- Will not scratch or damage equipment

Step 1: Budget Plastic Drinking Cup Diffuser Fitted

A softer result, with lighter shadows.

Step 2: Cut a Wedge Shaped Slot in a Plastic Drinking Cup

The slot has tapering sides which wiil open out as the cup slides over the flash (strobe) head.

Step 3: Cup in Situ

The natural springiness of the foam plastic keeps the cup on, without the need for tape or glue (unless you're outside and it's windy).



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    Very clever. And I can mod it to use on my attached flash, too.

    I think bouncing off the ceiling gives you better results or using a tent. nice idea tho.

    1 reply

    Thanks. Yes, certainly, I agree with you: if the ceiling is neutral in colour, or you have the time to set up a tent, the results should always be better than direct light. This is a merely band-aid, for when you're stuck without the right equipment.

    I decided that, if my bucket lighting tent was worth publishing, I'd see what I could do with a drinking cup as a lighting accessory.