Hand Painted Kitchen Island

Introduction: Hand Painted Kitchen Island

About: I would like to show what I build when I'm bored mostly from wasted materials from the building sites I work on.

new kitchens are a utter rip off! This kitchen used all the old doors that have been sanded filled and undercoated many times to give it a professional finish. The oak work top on the sink area and wine cupboard is made from real wood flooring clamped and glued to good quality plywood which is about a 1/4 the cost of solid real oak kitchen worktops. Beware of shrinkage this way tho! End panels , cladding , Cornise and most of the wine cupboard is made from sheet 18mm thick mdf with a hgh attention to detail made on the painting.

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    4 years ago

    The table in step two was made for around £30. I got 4 newel post off cuts at 800mm ish lengths from staircases on a new build housing site I worked on , perfect for the legs. I got 1x sheet mdf 18mm thick left over for the top and rails. I glued the left over quickstep flooring to the mdf top and had to buy a hardwood trim to cover the join around the perimeter. £500ish in oak furniture land