Budget Wall Paper for Industrial Look

Introduction: Budget Wall Paper for Industrial Look

I wanted to decorate a wall in my apartment with an industrial look. The ultimate industrial material to my view is concrete, so I was searching for ways to make a 'concrete look' on a tight budget. It became clear to me that it would not be a simple job... During the search process I someway stumbled upon a piece of wrapping paper (the brown industrial kind with a subtle stripe pattern used for instance in hardware and art supply stores) and had a creative epiphany: how cool would thís stuff look on my wall?? Definitely rough and industrial, my thought was!

So I went to my art supplies shop and asked if they maybe had some to spare/sell to me. (You can order the paper online, but only in huge roles that could cover an entire sky scraper!) By chance, oh joy, they did have a small role lying in the back office!

Immediately after I bought wall paper glue (the lightest kind, for thin or woven wall paper) that can be applied directly to the wall. I was afraid the paper would to easily tear if I applied the glue directly to it, so I figured this was the way to go...

It worked WONDEROUSLY WELL AND EASY and in total set me back 22 euros; it doesn't get ANY cheaper decorating a wall! :-D

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