Buffalo (with) Wings




Introduction: Buffalo (with) Wings

About: Hi, I'm Esme!

This is a very talented buffalo. He can fly. He's soft and cuddly. He has an interest in kitchen appliances. He is learning about dinosaurs. He is awesome.

I don't have full instructions (yet,) but I've included the pattern, so you can probably figure it out (which would be terribly fantastic!). I would be very happy to answer any questions about the buffalo. 



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    10 Discussions

    So that's where buffalo wings came from, very cute!

    Could you make a flying boar ible like the one from avatar the last airbender (the one tof has in the swamp vision)
    P.s I'm sorry if you don't know what avatar is

    It looks like the flying boar from avatar the last airbender (the symbol of the Bei Fong family).