Bug Catcher




This project will teach you how to make a useful bug catcher to catch annoying bugs. It is easy, fun, and is made from things you can probably find in your house. I hope you enjoy making this Instructable and good luck. I made this with Ronnies123 follow him.

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Step 1: Gathering Materials

The materials you need are cheap and easy to find they are:
A cup
And two straws

Step 2: Making the Catcher

Now take the cup and cover it in tape, then poke the straws through the tape on opposite ends of the cup. To use it suck in through one of the straws and point the other straw at the bug your trying to catch and it will get sucked up and trapped inside the cup.

Step 3: Your Finished

You did it good job! I hope you enjoyed this project and that it went well.




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    1 year ago

    Sorry for the following information, but you'll understand why I'm compelled to share it and why you might consider it before using this bug catcher.
    I once read an article in a newspaper about an entomologist who went to his doctor complaining about constant headaches. It turned out he had a large number insects living in his head. In his job, he used a insect catching device like yours, that vacuumed up insects into a trap by sucking on a tube. The bugs were trapped as designed, but their eggs were small enough, they would pass through the screen meant to keep bugs from going all the way to his mouth (btw: missing from your device) and some lodged in his sinuses, where some matured into full grown insects. Be careful!


    1 year ago

    Like the design but just curious if you have to make the cup airtight to suck up the bug


    1 year ago

    A "pooter" is what your bug catcher is called. No kidding.

    1 reply

    1 year ago

    Just make sure you don't keep sucking once you such up the bug or you could swallow the bug. Now that would be interesting.