Bug Out Bag Battery Holder

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Step 1: Pvc

I needed to carry extra AA batteries in my day bag so I came up with this. At lowes get you 1/2 inch pvc and caps. Cut to size. Mines 7 inches. The plugs they had were too thick for the Molle loops. So I epoxied a wood plug in one end. Put in ear plug, battery, ear plug, battery.... Just start and finish with a ear plug. I don't know about long term storage but this works great. Also good for other uses. Sling shot ammo, fire kits, etc.



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    4 years ago

    Not the best look if you're going for a "gray man," low-key profile. Anyone inspecting this bag in a bug-out situation is going to think you're packing pipe bombs!

    2 replies

    I'm more than sure that if he's planning on blending in no one will check his bag. Though technically if he needs batteries to "bug out" he's doing it wrong; unless there used for firestarters.

    Pipe bombs are metal allot of the time. If this is considered a pipe bomb it would probably be for a crap "sport" like Nerf wars. I quote sport because when it the words Nerf & war are in the same sentence you know that you'll end up with crying 6 year olds.


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Well, first off, a 'bug out' does not necessarily mean an apocalyptic situation. Spare batteries are frequently useful if you have to go mobile in a hurry.

    Also, you and I both know that pipe bombs are made of metal, but Joe Sixpack might not. Someone randomly passing by while the OP has that bag open for whatever reason might spot something inside the bag looking 'unusual and improvised' and alert the authorities of a potential threat. The Boston Bomb Scare is proof of just how twitchy some people really are.

    I would suggest to the OP that he paint those cylinders black in order to better conceal them, and/or pack them at the bottom of the bag under clothing, so that they aren't so obvious.


    4 years ago

    I don't know too many people that would let their B.O.B get inspected. This isn't carry on luggage were talking about. As far as looking "gray" if your carrying anything tactical you've pretty much blown it. These Also work well for wedging doors open at the top. I use them daily. I look for multi use items to carry. Pack light pack smart.