Bug Out Survival Shotgun

Introduction: Bug Out Survival Shotgun

  I see and here everywhere talking about survival kits that in last year or so started to coming more and more on inmaginable size and forms and the " Ten Essentials kit " that the many times cant help us almost at all if its not build for a specific geographic region or the time of the year when we have that kit with us or just for a practical reason too. However, in the end is better to try to do something then nothing and in time with more knowledge gained this kit can be "chiseled" and became in time to showing the " personality " and needs of the owner. For this reason, I decided to build a survival kit that is completed independent the other kits that I own and I care in different backpacks or in my truck. A kit that will always will be with me when I need to defend my life or somebody else life or when I'm hunting or fishing. Or just at that tight time when its not time to grab my backpack and bail out.

   OK the suspense was enough build and this kit is locate in inside to my Stevens 350 Security Shotgun a great on low budget shotgun. Because this kit was build with idea in in mind to be use only when the other survival kits are not around or any man made material, I included on the the kit from a snare wire to one bullet for each fire arm that I own. I don't have pictures with all I got in inside, but I can brake a list with out I remember to have in. However, did you remember about your kit getting your personality and your needs? I am just a simple intermediary on fire up your dreams and imagination. The buttstock can be open with a screw driver that is on all multitools knives or can be use the knife too. To be more independent, I decided to buy a cheap screw driver, remove the handle and care all the time under the buttstock shell holder. My next project, its to sharpen the other side and use for different situation like a hole puncher or a spear.

  The list with what I have on this survival kit is:
medical aid supply such as sterile pads,absorbent compress dressings, elastic bandage and cotton bandage, burn gel, alcohol pads, triangular bandage and analgesic medicine,1 packet with two aspirin, antibiotic ointment packets,1adhesive cloth tap, hydrocortisone ointment packets, adhesive bandages (assorted sizes),absorbent compress dressings, tweezers ( plastic one), instant cold compress, scissors, airborne pathogens mask, latex gloves few pairs, feminine tampons, great for plugging the bullet holes or other trauma puncture hole/s, nose bleeding, fire started, water filter or other first aid uses or improvisations. All this medical supply you can get from buying a home Medical Kit. They had here at Freddy for $ 10 a great Medical Kit with over 200 the items. The kit was so great that I have two in my truck on in my storage and I got few kits for my friends like a friendship gift.

 a variety of fishing hook, lures, fishing line for two different pounds strength, snap swivels, swivel, weight, condom non lubricate for storage the water or to make fire, snare wire, heavy duty twine line, sewing kit, hair elastic, zip bags

fire kit : lighter, matches, cotton pads with Vaseline

multitool small knife

ammo, rain poncho, duct tape, mini  flashlight, powder energy drink.

a watch repair kit with a small magnified glass and few small screw drivers great for maintain and for aid o cleaning my handgun or the shotgun, and a button compass.

All this stuffs was packed in zip bags and the buttstock was cover from inside in a thick Vaseline layer for impermeability and to be use for starting the fire too.

Thank you for your time and for your vote!

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