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This is my Prototype Bug out bike. Right now it is heavy do to costs of better materials, but the concept is sound and could be very effective in a bug out situation. The bike itself is your basic mountain bike from Amazon. It is powered by a 48 volt 1000 watt Wireless hub motor in the rear rim. It has a throttle like a snowmobile and can be used in peddle assist or without.

The trailer is a yard trailer with a 500 lb weight limit. I did use a bike trailer at one point, but they are not built to hold the amount of weight that I was aiming for. It has a wooden box attached to the top, that a 100 watt solar panel is hinged too. The solar controller is located on the rear of the bike. . the plan in the future is to have a trailer constructed out of lighter material with a lower profile.

The trailer is hooked to the bike by a custom built hitch system using PVC pipe and chain. The hollow pvc is great for storing extra gear and can be reconfigured to be used as a rickshaw type handle encase of bike failure.

In the trailer is 4 12 volt 20 ah batteries wired to be a 48 volt 20 ah battery. This is used to power the Bike wheel There is also 2 12 volt 20 ah batteries wired into 1 12 volt 40 ah battery that is charged through the solar panel. Hooked to the battery pack is a 750 watt invert er used to charge the 48 volt cell as well as generate power for lights, recharging cell phone, batteries, or what ever electrical appliance you may need for you camp.. These are boat batteries and are heavy. I am working to upgrade the to lighter lithium type cells but again the cost is just not in the budget at this time.

Right now the range is only about 17 mile without being hooked to the solar charger at 10 mph. With the upgrades I have in mind doing I should be able to get 30 miles at 20 miles an hour. Not too shabby when I load in 75lbs of gear.



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    I love the idea. I'd be way below the weight limit. My I.N.C.H. bag is only about 50lb. I can buy an unassembled trailer for between $50 and $500 from the local tool warehouse. They range in size. unfortunately they are all designed for being towed by motor vehicles. Great idea. might incorporate it on my Mongoose Detention.

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    I wanted it too hold extra weight because I do use this daily . I hall my camp and kayak gear to the lake with it. I agree with the clearance statement but as off now thie smaller wheels are are pulling there weight. :)

    A very good start. But, consider this. In a true escape situation, a cell phone will most likely be useless. In a true emergency, the phone system will be down. A wallow talkie communication system combined with prior planing would be better. If your trailer is for a general purpose emergency, higher ground clearance is wiser. Most third world bike trailers are moderately high due to rough terrain. I'm former military. I've seen these in action. I'm going with tried and true.

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    I do habe a set of walkies that would go in it and be charged by the inverter But since I do actually ride this daily I use it to keep the cell charged.

    Walkie talkie. Sorry auto spell got me.