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Introduction: Bugatti Veyron Paper-craft Model

hey friends ! this is a paper crafted model of the fastest and my favourite car i made - the Bugatti veyron. I always dreamed of making this car and now after all the hard work here is the result. Hope you like it. I DID ! and if you like please do vote for the paper craft contest :). And i really apologise as i could not describe the whole method of construction here as it's bit long . but you can easily browse for the instruction on how to make a paper-craft Bugatti veyron on the website where you can download free instruction and templates for this model and make your own model. :) please like and share you precious comments. :)

Step 1: Tools Required

Before you begin making your own model of this amazing car you'll need the following tools to get the best result.

1. cutters

2. pencils & rulers

3. A needle OR any sharp object to give crease.

4 scissors

5. tacky glue or white glue BUT i would RECOMMEND tacky glue as its less messy and sticks quickly.


THE next step is to prepare the templates. Templates for Bugatti veyron are available for free on but you can also create your own model using pepakura designer and viewer.

i used card sheet paper ( letter size) 200 gms for printing as its best for creasing and folding and is pretty stiff.

once you're ready with the templates get ready to do a lot of cutting with scissors and cutters.

after all the parts are cut make creases with a needle on the lines marked on each part.

Step 3: Sticking the Parts Together and Finalizing

once you've cut all the parts write their page number and part number on the back of the parts so that you can easily recognise every part.

next is to download instructions from the same website i.e. which will guide you where to stick which part. you have to start with the front part of the car then going to the back and in the end you have to make the tyres and stick them.

enjoy making !

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21 Discussions

I'm printing templates and instructions for this without buying it.

it's everyday bro with the disney channel flow

hi there, i'm building instructables goes to town dude.

the site does not work on our computer an I desperately want to make it in these holidays (witch are now) so what shall I do (: {: p:

thanks wearmouth

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when it is complete, what dimensions are the tires out of curiosity? The instructions say the body is 2.5 feet long. I was curious about using the body for a different project.

2 replies

it shoul be around 8 to 9 cm in radius

I cant download for free as well, Are you sure is it for free?

2 replies

hi there....

yes it available for free on the given website ....

remove this. it is a breach of copyright material. it has been reported

Dude I cant download the template for free.

I enjoy papercrafts and I too love this car. you should fiberglass resin and bondo then paint that beast :-)

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The result is very nice. Some questions:

Where did you get the pattern? Did you make it yourself?

What tools did you use?

Level of difficulty?

How long did it take to make?

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the pattern and instructions are available on

i used common tools like cutter scissors glue etc., level of difficulty i would say its quiet difficult when it comes to cutting all the parts and assembling them took me 3 days. :)

hope it helped answer your questions and thanks for the like. :)