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Introduction: Build a Bar Out of an Old Bed

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Hey everyone,

I made this a little while back and didn't take a ton of photos through the build process, but it's fairly easy and requires minimal materials.

What you'll need:

-An old headboard and footboard from a bed (Wood)
-Two hinges
-6 wood plugs
-4 'S' hooks
-4 eye bolts with nuts
-Some chain
-6 wall anchors (I used 3/8" concrete anchors)
-6 3/8" bolts


-Drill with various bits
-Ratchet and sockets

Let's make it!

First thing you need to do is drill 6 holes in your footboard, evenly spaced (two on the left, two in the centre and two on the right). Size of holes depends on what size bolts you choose to use. Then grab a forstner bit and drill about 1/4" in over top of the 6 previously drilled holes (this is for the wood plugs).

Next, mark and drill two holes on the headboard and two on the footboard for your eye bolts. Then go to the backside of both the headboard and footboard and use your forstner bit just to drill a little recess in the back so the ends of the eye bolts don't hit the wall after you secure them with the nuts. Attach the eye bolts and nuts to the head/footboards.

Now just mark and drill holes in the head/footboards evenly spaced for your hinges and attach your hinges.

Now you can drill your six holes in the wall to correspond with the holes you drilled in the footboard and insert your wall plugs. Note: My wall was concrete and i used deep plugs and long bolts to ensure the weight of the bar could be supported. 

You may need to enlist the help of a friend to hold the bar up against the wall while you bolt it on as it may be very heavy depending on what type of wood it's made of. After you've got it bolted on, you can insert the wood plugs (I stained mine to match the finish of the bar).

After you've bolted it on, lift up the hinged headboard so it makes a right angle with the footboard and attach your chain and 'S' hooks. Voila! You have a bar! And when you're not using it, simply unhook it and lower it against the wall. Now grab a few beers and have some friends over!

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