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Introduction: Build a Custom Chalk Holder

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Are you or is some one you know something of a pool shark? Well do I have the instructable for you! This is a great gift for the billiards buff in your life! Enjoy! If you have any questions or comments please ask and if you like it then vote! Thank you.

Step 1: Shape the Brass

Using the brass rod of your desired thickness cut to 4-6"

Plan out the design you want on the shaft.

Insert the rod into your drill press chuck.

Turn the speed on the drill press to high

Using an assortment of files, shape the brass to the desired contour. Basically what you're doing is using your drill press as a lathe. So use safety!

Sand a flat area at one end and drill a hole through it to attach the key chain.

Using fine grain sand paper, sand and then polish the brass.

Step 2: The Leather

I used an 8oz leather but I'd suggest around a 5oz. Cut a 1.25" x 6" strip of leather.

Wet leather.

Measure and notch as shown in the photos.

Wrap around chalk to shape and let dry.

Finish shaping and trimming leather.

Punch holes and affix grommets.

Step 3: Finishing and Final Thoughts

I used leather glue to secure the two ends together at the grommets. Use your choice of leather dye and final coating. Then attach key chain.

Final thoughts, I really dig the way this turned out, I made this as a gift for a family member that plays in a pool league. Please vote and share any that you build!



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    7 Discussions

    The brass piece can be replaced by anything that fits in your pocket. it's there to hold the chalk on the outside of your pocket. very handy and a ton cheaper than the one I purchased. A must have for someone who has their own cue!

    It serves the same purpose as a key FOB. It's just to keep it in your pocket and accessible.

    My in-laws are on a pool league. I got a question tho...whats the brass bar for? decoration? or does it also serve a functional/decorative purpose

    Thank you! I have not given it yet, it's a Christmas present!

    Awesome little 'ible. Great for keeping your chalk where you need it. I bet your friend got a kick out of it, even just as a little curio.