Build Arduino in Less Then 2$

Here we will build a low cost arduino using Atmega328 ic on bread board steps involved is given below step by step

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Step 1: Essential Requirement

1. Atmega IC (Atmega328/8/16) (Pre programmed Blink LED by Arduino Uno Board )

2.Toggle Button 1

3. Capactior (22pF*2 )

4. LED


6. Resistors (10K & 1K)

Other Requirement

1. Breadboard

2. Power supply

If supply is not 5v (between 5v-30v)

1 7805 IC

2. Capacitor (10uF*2)

3. wires

Step 2:

Here as given in circuit diagram

1. connect 16Mhz crystal between pin 9 and pin 10

2. Connect 22uF capacitor with pin 9 & pin 10 to ground

3. Connect pin 7 & Pin 20 to +5v

4. Connect pin8 & Pin22 to Ground

5. Connect 10K resistor Pin1 to +5v

6. Connect Toggle button between Pin1 to Ground

7. Connect Led with 1K resistor between Pin19 and Ground

8. connect A 5v power supply to Breadboard

Now the

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