Build Freddy's Glove

Ever wanted to be Freddy Krueger?
Great, now you can!

This is a pretty simple build that can be made for very cheaply and in some cases for free. There's a lot of different ways to go at it, this is just one way. 

Creating a parts list is somewhat tricky since you can swap bits to make it fit your liking.
Here's some basic things you'll need.

22 gauge Sheet metal (Preferably copper)

Brass double cap rivets

Blade material

Adhesive, depending on materials.

...And a glove. Let's get started!

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Step 1: Printing and Cutting

For this part, i found a very nice template online.

Print them, cut them out and trace around the pieces onto your metal. The optimal metal to use is 22 gauge copper, but i used 22 gauge aluminum instead since i got some for free. I painted this with copper spray paint to get the desired effect.
Smooth the corners of your pieces with a file and/ or sandpaper. I have not yet done this in the picture.
Then simply cut them out with tin snips.

For my blades, i used some thicker sheet steel which i had in my garage. This was trickier to cut, but i managed since i had access to a workshop with power tools. However, i have seen people make the claws out of plastic. Look around and see what works the best for you!

Step 2: Prepare Your Glove and Work Your Metal

Now take that glove of yours. I found mine in my garage. It was already well weathered since it's an old protection glove.
If you're going for the real Krueger look, then get some scissors and cut away at the bottom of it. Freddy's glove has the entire palm removed as well as some parts of the fingers.

Now for your metal! You have to drill the holes marked on your templates, and also you have to bend your pieces into half cylinders.
If you use 22 gauge metal you should easily be able bend it with your hands. Bend it around something that is rounded, such as a broom handle. Take your time here to make sure your fingers will move as desired. Try to bend the finger tip pieces a little smaller than the finger base pieces so they fit inside one another. Also, find something round to shape the tips of the fingers on. The little slit's in them allows them to be shaped to a round object.

After you are happy, you can distress your metal with a file, sandpaper, a knife or pretty much anything you want to make it look a bit beat up.

Step 3: Make Your Ringlets

Now you have to make ringlets. Ringlets are the rounded pieces of metal that hold the metal finger pieces to your fingers so that they can move accordingly. For these, just cut some thin strips from your sheet metal and bend them to fit. You can use whatever object you shaped your fingers with for this. You'll need 8 - 2 for each finger.
To attach these, i recommend using a 2-part epoxy. I got one specifically for gluing metal as i glued my blades on as well.

You can use hot glue if you want to, but it's far from ideal for metal. I found my ringlets coming off now and then.
The absolute best would be to solder your ringlets on, and your blades as well. There are great tutorials for that on youtube and such.

Step 4: Rivet Everything Together

Now it's time to rivet your glove together! (I took this picture after finishing most of the glove, rivet before attaching blades)
I used a small vice to set my rivets. Traditional riveting tools are tricky to use without distorting the shape of your pieces.

I riveted my fingers together and also the fingers to the base plate. I waited with riveting the base plate to the glove until i was finished.

Step 5: Attach Those Slicey-slicers

Now we attach our blades!
As mentioned earlier, i used metal epoxy for mine. You can use whatever works for you.
Take your time and attach them one at a time. Take care to get them straight. For my epoxy, i had to hold them in place for about five minutes before moving on to the next blade. However, they have to dry for several hours to reach full strength.

Step 6: Finishing

To finish this, fish the fingers of the glove through the ringlets, then put your hand into it. Make sure the metal gaunlet part is positioned like you want it. Then use a marker and draw a dot through each one of the three unused holes. Use something sharp to punch out those small holes in the top of the glove and rivet the gauntlet to the glove. You are now finished!
Put your hand into it and move your fingers around and feel the awesomeness flow through your body.

This is a prop, not an actual weapon. Don't wave it in the face of people who don't know it's fake.
If you turn this into an actual weapon, then you're on your own.

Thanks for reading!
If anybody is wondering about anything whatsoever i am happy to answer your questions as good as i can.

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    Reply 2 years ago

    use medium sized rapid rivets. pop rivets will lock up the joints some, but rapid rivets leave the fingers loose. to gauge the size of them, look at refrence photos, but note that the back plate and middle finger have larger rivets than on the rest of the glove (for the first two movies)


    Tip 1 year ago

    If you use copper, I would recommend using a propane torch (before you bend it into shape) to "burn" the copper to make it have a dirtier and darker look


    1 year ago

    how thick should the blades be?


    2 years ago

    Great build, you should use a blowtorch and hot glue to distress the metal, and paint up the glove some to look burnt. That helped with mine some, really makes a difference to the overall aesthetic of the piece.


    2 years ago

    wait, is this freddy cougar's glove, or freddy fazbear's glove, idk which one it is, lol


    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    this is Freddy Krueger's glove, he uses a razor glove and dream powers to kill the children of people who burned him for being a child molester/ murderer. Freddy Fazbear uses his teeth and paws to stuff you into a suit overnight.