Build Gift Box

This is actually a gift box for all the craft lovers!
Give this 2 ur friend! Will she be amazed??yes of course! ! She will love it when she open it . Make this for ur loved ones and urself and to keep any kind of jewellery or container! !thanks!

Step 1: Supplies

1. Shoebox or carboard
2.acrylic paint (black gives a good shape)
3. Duck tape
5. White glue (optional)
Tats it!!

Step 2: Let's Do This?

1. Start by applying 2 or more coats of white glue until it dries. Actually this is optional!!(TIP: But helps to keep the box hard and strong which helps it to paint easily!!)

2. After it dries paint it black or any colour and paint white as windows .

3. Then after it dries just put some tape on top of the box (not with the lid) just to avoid scratches!

And give to ur friend and I bet she will love it!!
Thanks please follow!



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