Build Matching Hellaflush Drift Cars




For the Jack Daniel's Contest, we would use the $25,000 to buy and build two matching Nissan 240sx drift machines. 
Parts include: upgraded Ksport suspension, Bride bucket seats, Rotas p45r wheels, Kaaz limited slip differential, modified exhaust systems, short throw shifter, tires, dark charcoal gloss paint, canopy for events, promo table with Jack Daniel's memorabilia, and Instructables & Jack Daniel's decals.

We would be able to reach approximately 200-500 people per drift event as well as an extensive online presence through facebook and videos of drift events on youtube and vimeo, while also participating in hellaflush social meets and 240sx car meets. 

We think this is a significant investment that would garner a lot of revenue and positive attention while we maintain a professional manner towards the sponsor (Instructables and Jack Daniel's). 

Joshua: 11/22/1987
Cat: 5/15/1988

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    1 year ago on Introduction

    What are the main differences between a drift car and a normal car


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I would just like to say that i really love your choice for the drift car. The 240sx Kouki S14 is my dream car right now. They are absolutely beautiful cars and amazing machines. I hope that if/when this project continues you will post the project for us too see