Build Night Boston at the Flagship Computer Clubhouse, Boston Museum of Science




About: Program manager at the Flagship Computer Clubhouse, at the Museum of Science Boston. The Flagship is just one of the 100 Clubhouse sites around the world, providing a safe space for creativity, innovation, a...

"Having received the LED's from Instructables for our very own build night, we were amazed at how many there were in the box and at once began to come up with ideas that would put them to good use. Our space decided on a decorative sign that would embody who we are as a space and a program. Our main project would feature a sign displaying "Flagship,MOS Boston" with the build night including several side projects including LED cards and other smaller projects. In this first post we're showing a fan favorite LED activity, and in our second post we've included the first steps in our project including a template which is the first letter in the sign which depicts how we put together a circuit to show participants during the build night how to put together a similar circuit for their assigned letters."

- Hody, 16, Clubhouse Teen Intern

Step 1: Make Awesome Cup Dioramas!

This was an example of one of the cool activities we did as part of our August Build Night at the Flagship Computer Clubhouse!



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