Build PVC Manfrotto Fig Rig | Home Depot Canada

Introduction: Build PVC Manfrotto Fig Rig | Home Depot Canada

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I'm a social media manager " content developer " in Ontario, Canada ( ) who is constantly creating content for people to enjoy.  This takes me full time creating photos, videos and text.  I saw this $400 manfrotto fig rig that I knew I could make with some PVC pipe and glue.  If you've ever worked with PVC pipe, it can be cut easily and bonded with glue that basically welds it within a micro-second (so you have to be quick when you put it together!).   You'll be picking the glue off your hands for days after but this is well worth it as it will cost you $30 to make or cheaper!

But 2 long 16 foot pieces of pipe and eye ball the measurements.   I basically went to Manfrotto and Photoshoped the design and created the matching lengths for it to stick together.  

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