Build Your Own DIY Rustic Pallet Clock!




Introduction: Build Your Own DIY Rustic Pallet Clock!

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This simple project uses 3 planks of pallet wood with two backing strips on the back to hold them together! The wood was sanded and damaged for that "rustic charm". The clock mechanism was simply chiseled out of the back and tightened into place. To finish it off, the 4 numbers were spray painted on using a stencil!

Lets get started!

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Step 1: Cutting and Gluing the Backing Strips

To hold the 3 pallet slats used in the build together, I started by cutting the slats to length, and then hit them with sandpaper and a hatchet to roughen them up. The two backing straps are smaller than the overall width of the clock so they are not seen, and then glued on.

Step 2: Centering the Clock Assembly

After the glue dried, the c-clamps can be removed and the center of the back of the clock found. The center hole doesn't have to be perfect, just close enough to the center of the boards.

The benefit of using 3 pallet slats here is that the center one is used for mounting and you won't have to worry about chiseling through the pallet edges to center the clock assembly.

Then the hole for the clock mechanism can be drilled out.

Step 3: Chiseling Out the Clock Assembly

I traced the clock assembly with a pencil and then used a chisel vertically to score all the way around my pencil marks. The scoring prevents tear out when chiseling out the main portion.

I then proceeded to use my chisel and bring the depth of the hole down to where the clock mechanism can fit through the hole to function.

Be sure to provide enough clearance during this step so that the clock hands can move on the front face!

Step 4: Spray Painting the Clock Numbers

To layout the clock numbers in a circular pattern, I used a compass starting at the center hole and then traced a light circle to give myself a guide when painting the numbers on. This circle was sanded off later.

I bought a stencil with the number font I liked, and then cut a hole in the card stock so that when I sprayed the spray paint it would only paint the number I wanted.

Lastly the clocks hands were assembled onto the front face!

Step 5: Fin

That wraps up the rustic pallet clock build! I chose not to add finish, but feel free to do so on your project!

You can also add hangers on the back of the clock for mounting on a wall, but I chose just place the clock in a stand!

Thanks for checking out this Instructable! This is an easy and cheap project that anyone can do!

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    4 years ago

    Nice job! For a wedding, you could make a sleepy clock (all the numbers falling to the bottom) and write some cheesy (but sweet) sentiment like, "Time doesn't matter when I'm with you." Great 'ible :)