Build Your Own Lab Bench Power Supply

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Intro: Build Your Own Lab Bench Power Supply

converting smbs to lab bench power supply. SMPS or switched mode powersupply is an electronics device that is used to convert AC to DC, AC to AC, DC to DC and DC to AC voltages. The circuit consists of transformer, rectifier, voltage regulator and a filter. The input supply is turned On and Off by MOSFETs and outputs a high efficiency, regulated voltage. The SMPS used in computers is of AC to DC type supply.

ATX connector. As you can see in the image, it is a 24-pin female connector which is used to supply DC supply to the motherboards. Various color-coded wires connect to this connector and each colored wire supplies distinct DC voltage

Step 1: Wire Color


connector. Latest SMPS power supplies are accompanied by an extra 4-pin connector which supplies 12 volts to energize the central processing unit and others.

Step 2: Dc Direct Out

Step 3: Voltage Agesting

Using buck converter lm2596 to regulate dc volte for output. Voltage agesting probe is smaller so add extra wire to add potentiometer control tha output voltage

Step 4:



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