Build a 15$ PC

Introduction: Build a 15$ PC

About: I'm 15 years old students from Indonesia

In Indonesia, you can find so many Junk Store in every city. In the junk store, you can sell an old / broken things like electronics tool, bottle, metal, and anything! Also we can buy something too.. The awesome thing is, if we buy something from this store, the price is very-very low!! And, this is why i will try to build a Computer from old parts that i buy from the junk store.

Is the PC will work? Lets find out!


  • If hard to find junk store at your country, you can search the pc part at the online shop. Buy the old parts of pc that you need. But the price will more expensive than the pc parts that i buy at junk store in my country.
  • Every junk store have a difference price
  • Not every electronics at the junk store still works. So do it by your desire.

Step 1: Buy All Internal Parts of Pc at the Junk Store

After long time searching for a good parts at the junk store, and this is what i got:

  • Motherboard + Processor & Heatsink (The price is about 7$)
  • 2 pcs of 1 gb Ram (4$) (The ram type is depends the motherboard. In this case i use DDR2 Ram.)
  • Hardisk (4$)
  • Power supply (2$)

So total price is about 17$. Wow!!

For the motherboard, i got Biostar TA785GE with AMD Athlon X2 processor. The Ram is unplugged from broken pc than i pay for it.

Does the price make sense?? But yeah!!! its real!!!

Tips (Image 8): Before you buy all the parts, check the components like capacitor, pcb, and all socket. Don't buy it if the components is broken/missing.

Step 2: Cleaning Job

Almost every old things will be dirty, so it will inhibit the fuction. For fix that issue, lets clean all the parts first.

I only used soft brush to clean the motherboard, heatsink, also the power supply. Clean all the dust and blow the dust for make it more clean.

Don't use wet tissue or wet cloth!

After you finish clean all of the parts, lets next to other steps.

Step 3: Check the Important Things From Pc

Check if your Ram pins is complete and no stains. If the Ram pins is dirty, you can use white rubber eraser to clean the pin by rubbing it.

Processor is like a human brain, so its important to check it first. Check your processor pins. check if the pins is not bend and its complete. DON'T TOUCH THE PINS!. If the processor pins bend, you can use tweezer to make the pin straight again.

Step 4: Temperature Is Important

Even if everything from secondhand goods, but still must be the best. So to make the system still cool if this pc used, I add thermal grease to heatsink. So the heat from processor will be more fast to passed through the heatsink. The effect is the computer will run without frezze screen.

Step 5: Processor

Ok, now its the time to insert the processor to the motherboard.

  1. First, open the processor lock at the socket
  2. Place the processor slowly in accordance with the socket
  3. Next, lock the processor
  4. Place the heatsink
  5. Insert the heatsink lock to the holder and lock the heatsink by turn the lock from left to right
  6. After that, plug in the heatsink fan cable to the socket beside the processor

Step 6: Almost Finish

  • Like processor, first open the Ram lock, insert the ram to the socket, and lock the Ram.
  • Next, you need Sata to Sata cable for the harddisk, and plug it in. Also plug the power cable from the power supply
  • Next, Plug in all the wire from the power supply to motherboard.

After all finished, now you can turn on the pc and test it

Step 7: My Problem

Before trying to turn on the pc, first i plug the hardisk to my other computer to install the Windows, but after long-long time waiting the bootscreen, the harddisk is so slow and sometimes its not detected. I realized that the harddisk is "Bad sector". So it will inhibit the pc performance. To fix this problem, I change the harddisk with my other pc harddisk.

Step 8: Lets Test Our Work

Don't too fast! You need to plug in your pc to monitor, also plug in your mouse and keyboard. Don't forget to place the motherboard on the dry and safe place, don't place at the metal place. Because it will broke your motherboard so fast. Ok lets try this!!

Q : But, how to turn on pc without power switch on pc case??

A : Search a tactile switch like image 2, and try to push one of the switch.

Step 9: See If It Works

After i trying this pc for a day, I'm not find any problem, the pc is do the job perfectly. I also tried to play games on this pc, and the pc did the job well.

This is the performance while playing a game:

First i tried to play ETS 2

  • Graphic: Medium
  • Resolution: 800x600
  • Frame per second/FPS : min 20 max 60. So the game is playing smoothly.

Next, GTA San Andreas

  • Graphic: Medium
  • Resolution: 1280x720
  • FPS: about 30 FPS

Its not bad allright?? We also can do our job with this pc.

Step 10: Upgrade!

Computer without case will be dangerous, so if you have more budget, you can buy a case for your pc, but if you more creative, you can custom your own case. You can use wood, plastic, or anything for make the case.

If you have the case, all you need to do is:

  1. Place your motherboard to case and screw it
  2. Install your power supply and harddisk
  3. In the pc case, there is panel cable like image 5. You just need to plug it in to the panel socket at motherboard (Image 6). There is information for cable, so plug the cable to the right socket.

Step 11: Thats It!

Our work is make a good result. This is fun project for science contest, education for kids or just hobby. Also this is will save your money, suitable for students!!!!

Only this for today!. Thank you very much, i hope you liked it!!

If you have any question, write it on the comment section.

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