Build a Cheap Scorer



Introduction: Build a Cheap Scorer

My volley-ball club need a scorer, and my wife had some office tools that was destined to the trash.

With some tools, and no money, this is how to a build a new scorer.

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Step 1: Step 1: You Need...

You have to find an old but functional ring binder. I prefer the 4 rings model.

To insert all scores, you need to find plastic holders. For volley-ball, you may find 30 holders (0-25 for the game + 4 or 5 is case of equality).

Print your scores - Scores are printed to have 2 times the same score on a A4 landscape page. I've one set of printed scores for the front + one another set of printed scores for the back.

So, for 0-30 scores : 62 pages.

You also need a cutter, scissors, transparent rubber tape, 70 cm length string, and enough space.

Step 2: Step 2: Your First Score

Cut a page of paper in 2, to separate scores.

Cut a plastic holder in 2, to hold each score.

Insert a score sheet in a "half-holder" + insert an other score sheet (+1 point) in the same holder. The top of each face is where are rings binder.

Join all slots when you are sure, to avoid sheets of paper to get out. Use a rubber tape for that.

Step 3: Step 3: Repeat

Once you've made some scores, you can proceed until the end.

Let's make it still standing by himself.

Step 4: Step 4: Make It Standing

OK, you've a wonderful scorer, but when you play, who will make it standing ?

Prepare a rope with a knot on a side. Attach this side to the lefter ring, guide the string to the righter ring. The string goes to the bottom of the binder. Cut the string when you've well adjusted the position.

With that string, the scorer stands himself. To fold up the binder, you can move the string and never detach it from any ring.

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