Build a Coffee Table/TV Stand With Reclaimed Wood




Look around in shipping and receiving areas of some companies and if you are lucky enough you can reclaim some wood in good condition to use it to make something interesting.

You could also find wood from pallets in places like home depot.

Here are the steps to build a coffee table/ TV stand from reclaimed wood.

Step 1: Things You Would Need

I reclaimed some wood from pallets and shipping cases lying around in the shipping bay in my office.

Things you would need:

  • Some wood as shown in pictures 1 and 2.
  • Something to cut wood. I used a Jigsaw cutter.
  • Something to sand wood. I used a orbital disc sander.
  • Tools like hammer.

Step 2: Create the Table Top

Create the Table Top as shown in pictures 3 and 4

Step 3: Fixing the Legs to the Table Top

Pictures 5 and 6 show how to attach the legs to the table top.

Make sure to take care of the structural design to support the structure.

Make it strong and sturdy!

Step 4: Finishing Touches to the Table: 1

Picture 6 shows how I trimmed off the extra pieces of the apron and the leg

Step 5: Finishing Touches to the Table: 2

Pictures 7 to 10: Finishing touches to the table.

Table top and the edges would need lot of sanding to remove rough edges, and some planing.

Step 6: Final Product

After the sanding, the table would need few coats of polish.

I used Minwax Polyurethane. Some tips here on wood finishing.

Picture 11 shows the final product.



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    8 Discussions

    Chupacabra Chuck

    2 years ago

    Could you please explain what type of wood you used. You don't have 5 legs usually on a table and you don't in your design so could you explain what the extra piece of 3 Inch by 2 Inch by 4foot wooden strip was used for. I am only asking because I am going to make this design. Thank you very much I hope you might write back to me soon.

    2 replies
    isototChupacabra Chuck

    Reply 2 years ago

    HI Chuck,

    Im not really very knowledgeable on the type of wood I used.

    But for the wood I used for the table top, it was white and strong.

    For the ones I used for the legs, it was more grainy and golden in color.

    Since both were reclaimed from shipping casings, they were quite strong, and very hard to even use a plane to scrape off the surface.

    As for the 5 legs, that just turned out to be an extra piece. I had it as a back-up, just in case if I made a mistake or something.


    2 years ago

    simple construction and it..

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    At my local box stores, all one has to do is ask for any scraps in the back cutting area, they gladly let customers pick up the remains of the work day, it saves staff the trouble of disposal and have discovered it does not have an negative impact on merchandise sales either.