Build a Concrete Block Wall

Introduction: Build a Concrete Block Wall

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With this video we'll show you how to properly set the corner block and build each course for a straight, level and structurally sound wall. Sakrete makes a number of products for masonry projects. To install a block wall, Sakrete Type S Mortar Mix is a great product. Constructing a wall can be a challenging project



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    8 months ago

    thanks! Easy to follow, and I had fun doing a three sided five foot tall build!


    1 year ago

    Great Video. Make sure the plastering is perfect when you building a
    concrete block wall. offers concrete block making
    machine, click it for more information.

    Only thing I don't see here is how to top off the wall. I'm sure rainwater would fill the spaces in the block, unless they were either topped off on top, or filled. So, it that a choice to make? Prison-wall-style, with rebar and concrete fill? Or, if you're just making a wall for a garden, or privacy, or whatnot, just a cap of sorts for the top? I think I can assume to get solid 4" thick blocks and mortar them in place like the other blocks.

    Great video. I plan to attempt to replace a sagging privacy fence with a solid concrete wall as soon as the weather improves.

    I have been looking all over for instructions on how to build a cement wall and just came across a bunch of instructions that confused the heck out of me UNTIL I came across your page! You have provided the information in a way I can actually understand and watching your video just made it that much easier! Thank You!
    I do have a question though....I have a storage shed and the walls are made of plaster I think....can I reinforce these walls with the concrete wall or would that be asking for trouble? Thank You!

    His mortar was a little dry for the first part of the video. With a little more experience he'll catch on.

    1 reply

    Remember...too much water in your mortar mix will cause cracking throughout the joints. This is a common mistake made by many users.

    Good thing he's not plastering then, huh Fujo? I'd love to take some of this education, and build something, like an addition or a new garage.

    1 reply

    Thank you for your attention ironorr84. Keep in mind that we have an excellent staff of technical associates that can assits you with your at home projects. The Sakrete Team

    Thank you for viewing the video. Keep in mind that these video's are produced to assist the DIY'ers and are intended and designed to give the viewer a clear understanding of how to use these products for their own personal projects. Bob has over 20 years of experience and has really enjoyed making these video clips to assist even the least of the experienced.

    This guy looks like he's never plastered before