Build a Down Draft Table





Introduction: Build a Down Draft Table

I walk you through two different down draft tables you can build for you shop.  This should help with the airborne dust in your shop.



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    Where does the dust go and how do you empty it? I assume you just beat teh filters when they get clogged and you can re-use them?

    If you use grading, you might have to put something over top of it so that your wood doesn't get marred.

    If you like this project and decide to build one, please share pictures of you finished product at so that we can check it out. That would be so cool.

    An excellent down draft table! I've been wanting a solution like this for years and now you've given me some great ideas. I reckon it would also make a good vacuum frame. Your workshop is to be envied!

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    Awesome down draft table, nicely designed. I built an air cleaner using the same principle with the blower motor and suspended it from the ceiling in my workshop.

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    That is what I was originally going to do with this unit, but my ceiling is only 7 feet tall and it would hang down too low.