Build a Fountain Using the Align Tool

Introduction: Build a Fountain Using the Align Tool

In this lesson, you will practice the basics in Tinkercad, such as move, rotate, and scale. You will also learn how to use the Align Tool.


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Step 1: Select the First Objects to Align


1. Select the largest pool and the lower part of the column. Holding Shift while left clicking to add both objects to your selection.

Step 2: Choose the Align Tool


1. With both selected, click the Align tool (Circled in green) icon. Black tabs will appear around the objects you have selected. If you clicked a tab now, the objects would move toward each other. Instead, we want to have the pool move toward the column.

Step 3: Align an Object Towards Another

The pool should move to where the column is because it is already aligned to the rest of the column.


1. Left click once on the bottom section of the column. The black tabs should now only surround the column.

Step 4: Click the Tabs to Align


1. Click on the center tabs on the X and Y axis to align the pool on.

Step 5: Select the Small Pool

Repeat the process with the small pool. Select the small pool and the middle column.

Step 6: Align the Small Pool

Align the small pool to the middle column. Left click on the middle column to have the small pool align towards it.

Step 7: Select the Medium Pool

Select the medium pool, and the bottom column.

Step 8: Align the Medium Pool

As before, align the medium pool to the bottom column. Move the pool on the Z axis so it is in between the small and large pool.

Step 9: Align the Fountain Top


1. Find the fountain top and align it to the top column.

2. Move it into place.

Step 10: Select the Fountain Spray

In the back left corner of the workplane is the fountain spray. Select it.

Step 11: Scale the Fountain Spray

The spray is too small as it is. Left click and drag on a white box handles to scale it up. Hold SHIFT while dragging will scale the object on all axis equally.

Step 12: Position the Fountain Spray

Move and/or align the fountain spray so that it is at the top of the fountain.


  1. Continue to the next step.

Step 13: Congratulations!

You made it!

Great work!

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