Build a Headphone With Beats Studio 2.0 Drivers




Introduction: Build a Headphone With Beats Studio 2.0 Drivers

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I build this headphone from 30 components with a pair of 40mm drivers from Beats Studio 2.0. Assembling a headphone from scratch is more or less for fun. As in my other headphone DIY projects, readers may have difficulties to evaluate the sound quality remotely, this time I used Beats Studio drivers. Beats headphone is everywhere in shopping malls and can be leveraged as an easy and free benchmark. I also curious about if the drivers could performance well in a different shell (and my subjective observation is, almost same).

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Step 1: Material List

You will need following materials (see here for more info)
1. An earphone shell kit with 30 individual components (leave your comment if you want to know more)

2. 2* 40mm drivers of Beats Audio 2.0

3. An earphone DIY cable, I pick a yellow one with metal 3.5mm jack and mic.

Tool: knife, soldering iron, screw drivers, and glue (you need strong models for plastic).

Step 2: Assembling the Headband

There 2 covers and 4 screws each for both ends of the headband. See pics for step by step installation - feels like playing Lego :)

Step 3: Install the Stainless Stell Bracket

Lego game continuing... Notice the direction and don't make mistake (as I did :))

Step 4: Install the Ring With the Headband

The ring (no idea what's the official name) is to fix the main chamber, screw it with the headband...

You may need applying some glue as the screws seems not strong enough to hold the plastic joint.

Step 5: Wiring and Soldering

This is an easy part, wire the cable through the main chamber and solder it with the drivers.

See the last pic for sequence of the wiring.

Step 6: Glue the Cover and Done!

there are 2 aluminum covers could be attached to the back of main chamber.

If you want an open end phone, you may skip this, or you can dill holes on it to make a half open end. You will get different bass performance, up to your personal flavor...

Step 7: Conclusion and Benchmark

It's time to bring to Beats store and make an A/B comparison :)

To be very honest, Beats Studio is not my type, the bass is too strong and sometimes blur the human voice, but still a very outstanding headphone.

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    3 Discussions


    Question 2 years ago

    Can you please tell me where can i get this headphone case


    2 years ago

    Amazing work, have been reading all your instructables and am now motivated to make my own. Out of all the shells you've used this is the most appealing to me and was wondering if you could tell me where you got it.


    Reply 2 years ago

    thanks for sharing same interest.

    I reserved 2 kits for this project and can send you the spare for FREE :)

    Sending you a message for details.